SkyMax uses Asterisk for our IVR, which is capable of accepting wave files and is able to do the following reports: extended reports, hold time, answered calls, rejected calls, etc in the following formats: pdf, csv, excel.

An Elastix Call Center Module VC Dialer, which is in our location, is a predictive dialer that is capable of handling both Outbound and Inbound calls. The system platform is installed with the capability to have Virtual Machine assigned resources, and can address more than 50 campaigns simultaneously.

The CRM is Vtiger. An additional in house CRM has been developed for order entry. Our R&D team gives SkyMax the capability to make custom applications inside of the CRM data bases according to the requests of each individual client. Custom applications can go from a request to reality in a very short time period.

The system is capable of remote call monitoring. It can handle 10 separate remote monitors simultaneously, and offers silent (unassisted dial in) monitoring capabilities.

Many measures have been put in place for business continuity.

  • Supervisors and managers are on the floor, and also a help desk 24/7.
  • Back up generators, and DC inverters.
  • A senior engineer is available 24/7.
  • Building security 24/7.

Each of our clients information is kept separate, secure, and confidential. Each database is a separate virtual machine.

The Asterisk based systems are installed on a Dell Power edge 4900 family of servers.

The system displays a callerID and ANI, with the ability to provide phone numbers if needed for the callerID display. Transferred calls receive the ANI for the next representative.

The system is capable of recording calls, and saves them in a digital format that we store for 60 days. We can provide wave files upon request.