Company Overview

Skymax Services is specialized in offering outsource telemarketing services, sales, remote office support among other services.

Since we started operations, we have specialized not only in providing the ideal personnel for positions in the field of telemarketing services but also, a customize service to offshores companies by providing specialists in different areas of the technological service.

Currently Skymax Services have partnership with over 25 Major companies in different fields: Telecom, Traveling Agencies, Development, Medical Services, Retails, Shipping and many more

Who are we?

Growth Oriented

Driven to maximize every situation and take ourselves and our clients to the next level.


Our leadership actively includes the team in planning anyone can talk to anyone about anything.


Everyone knows their responsibilities and is held accountable.


Open, honest, real and well-trained, ready to make a positive difference.

We do what we say, on time, no excuses!